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Knowing the city

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Crest in few words...

Population : 8398 inhabitants
Inhabitants :
The Crestois (m.) ; The Crestoises (f.)
Postcode : 26400
Departement : Drôme
Region : Rhône Alpes
Altitude : 195 metres
Particularity : Medieval town
Superficies of the entire district : 2338 hectares

Places of interest

The highest Tower in France
The longest wooden bridge in France
The Old Town

Local specialities

The “couve” (a cake made at Easter time)
The “défarde” (tripe)

Twin cities

Cromer (England)
Nidda (Germany)
Ponte San Nicolo (Italy)

  • Medvode (Slovenia)

A noter

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Guide touristique 2022 - Bienvenue à Crest ! June 2022 PDF - 2.9 Mb
Tourist map of Crest July 2021 PDF - 1 Mb